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A subliminal message is a visual or sound stimulus conceived to be perceived by our subconscious. Subliminal techniques have often been used in advertising, musique and politic, as you will discover along this article. Their effectiveness brings however to debate.

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Condoms are highly effective in preventing sexually transmitted infections, including HIV. They also reduce the risk of pregnancy. But you must use condoms consistently and correctly every time you have sex!

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A cache-sexe is an item, often a small garment, that covers its user's genitals. Cache-sexe is a loanword from French. Cache-sexe is also an alternate term for modesty platesometimes capinga small triangular or heart-shaped jewelry worn to hide the genitals, typically made of silver, gold, or brass. Some male cross-dressers and pre- and non-op transgender women use a panty -like garmentoften called a gaffthat serves to hide their genitalia and provide a feminine flat and smooth crotch area.

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The term "cache-sexe" refers to a covering for the female genitals. The term is derived from the French cacherwhich means to hide, and sexewhich means genitals. Other terms used synonymously are modesty apron, marriage apron, modesty skirt, loincloth, string skirt, and girdle.

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How long do I need to dilate after surgery? Is it for life? Chettawut recommends patients to keep the dilation routine schedule every day for 2 years in order to maintain original depth.

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