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My forearms are a little on the hairy side. They've been that way for as long as I can remember. Being a dark-haired girl, the hairs on my arm are particularly visible against the backdrop of my pinkish-white Irish skin.

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Every woman knows only too well the tyranny of the modern-day beauty regime. After all, the average female is said to spend nearly two years days during her lifetime exfoliating, shaving, waxing and plucking her body to perfection. A new trend may be taking our pursuit of hairlessness to extremes, however.

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Her look at the premiere of Notting Hill, beaming in a red sequined Vivienne Tam dress, arm raised to reveal a dark tuft, was immediately celebrated as a subversive feminist bird-flip against female beauty standards. Armpit hair remains a bizarre sticking point for anti-feminists. A few days ago, Nike uploaded a picture on Instagram showing the model and musician Annahstasia Enuke with a small amount of underarm hair visible; in response, thousands of commenters expressed outrage and disgust. Just a day later, the deodorant brand Nuud responded to a backlash against its own online advert that had featured underarm hair.

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Dear Amy : Why don't women typically remove the hair on their arms elbow to wrist? Not all women have hairy arms, but I've seen many women who have a decent amount of noticeable hair on their forearms. Some women have dark hair on their arms, which is noticeable when wearing short sleeves.

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Usually, the traditionally beautiful women we see in adverts and media are smooth all over, so seeing these types of women with hairy armpits still feels a little surprising. Some agreed, some recommended friends. Soon, as his project picked up steam, women began approaching Ben to get involved.

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In addition to writing for the latest issue of Harper's Bazaar, model Emily Ratajkowski made a statement about underarm hair and women's right to choose during her photo shoot for the magazine. Now, some people are criticizing the picture, taken by photographer Michael Avedonand are begging Ratajkowski to shave. In her essay, Ratajkowski said she feels "strong and free" when wearing a tank top with no bra underneath.

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Fine in a man, but not so great on women and children. Here is an example. I have never really found a great way to deal with this problem satisfactorily.

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I love seeing the communities of women— celebrities and Instagram influencers alike —that flaunt their rainbow-dyed armpit hair or furry legs on social media. But I notice that arm hair—like the dark, downy strands extending from my wrists to my elbows—rarely enters the conversation. Where are the women waving their hairy arms in the air with pride?

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A couple of years ago I realised I had been religiously removing my body hair almost constantly since I was I'm now There is something disturbing about that fact. How can a year-old possibly make an informed decision on how she wants to wear her body hair?


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